Deborah Turbeville contributed to revolutionize the rules of fashion photography thanks to her fairy and feminine aesthetic: in her ‘’landscapes’’ we can perceive the extreme cold and the colors of the fall seasons, the grace and austerity of the ancient mansions.

This aesthetic, from the American photographer who recently passed away, is felt very close by Erika Cavallini. From this affinity arose the desire to dedicate, together with Vogue Italy and Franca Sozzani (who had with Turbeville a long and deep collaboration), an original tribute, showing the most beautiful pictures of this photographer, published by Vogue Italy all along her extraordinary career.
Beside to the exhibition, eight ballet dancers from La Scala of Milan performed the garments of the new collection Fall-Winter 2014-15 of Erika Cavallini Semi-Couture: as if, it was opened a way through time and space and the painted figures have been suddenly animated.

This ‘’tableaxu vivant’’ has found his planar dimension again, into the shooting of some very talented photographers, chosen by Erika and the staff of Photo Vogue, who photographed the dancers inside the striking rooms of the Circolo della Stampa of Milan during the event of 23rd of February.

Some of the snapshots selected among the photographic live performance will be published in a gallery expressly dedicated to the six photographers protagonist of the event: Monia Merlo, Matteo Serri, Cristina Coral, Vivienne Bellini, Mattia Leonardi and Julia Morozova.
To conclude this experience, the view of the volume ‘’Cahier d’Artistes’’, a book published only in 150 copies that contains the five first years of the Erika Cavallini Semi-Couture’s collections, interpreted by five photographers chosen by the designer, in a new reference to the rarefied atmospheres typical of Deborah Turbeville.
Cahier d’Artistes is visible in a Video Digital version in a specific section of this website, dedicated to this project.

Among the guests who took part in the great event of the 23rd of February during the Milan Fashion Week we can count:
Franca Sozzani (Director of Vogue Italy), Stefano Tonchi (Editor in-Chief W Magazine), Cristina Lucchini (Director of Glamour Italy), Babeth Djian (Director of the Numéro editing), Jefferson Hack (Editor-in-Chief Another Magazine) e Katie Shillingford (Fashion Director Another Magazine).

The Staff of Erika Cavallini Semi-Couture thanks the photographers, the guests and all the partners that contributed to make this day a unique and exciting moment.





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